Who said that toothpaste has to come in a tube? 

Our toothpaste is contained in our 100% recyclable tottle bottle made from HDPE #2 plastic.  HDPE (#2) is one of the most commonly recyclable plastics.  This is an advantage over typical toothpaste packaging as tubes are made using a combination of plastic and metal, rendering itself unrecyclable.  While plastic is still plastic, our packaging is the more sustainable, environmentally-friendly option.

No box needed! 

At People's Paste, we recognize that unnecessary product packaging contributes to overflowing landfills and the depletion of our planet's natural resources.  That is why we only use packaging that is necessary for safe and effective use of our products.

No more rolling & zero waste!

While other brands use tube packaging that you have to roll to get the last bits of paste out (often trapping toothpaste inside), the upright design of the tottle has the benefit of gravity so that the people's paste remains ready for use at all times.  This allows for 100% of the toothpaste to be used.

Made in the USA! 

100% our packaging is made in the USA!